Mission Statement Responsibility

And how we want to see it


We believe an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop booking platform combined with safety feature helps car & motorbike enthusiasts to pursues their passion without endangering other people or themselves in public traffic. Speeders and posers shall have no place with us.

Controlled Driving

We are convinced that the safer sporty drivers learn to assess their own performance and that of their vehicles on closed-off routes, the less likely they are to overestimate themselves or the respective situation in road traffic.


We all cannot yet prevent climate-relevant emissions everywhere, but we can help to ensure that nitrogen oxides are either bound by various measures or do not occur elsewhere in the first place. It is important to us to make this decision as easy as possible for our customers.

3,500 daily fatal accidents

Every day, more than 3,500 people worldwide die in road accidents - drivers and passengers, but also uninvolved pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. In Europe, around one in three traffic fatalities is the result of speeders or, in official language, "due to inappropriate speed."