Targeted Advertising for Track Days

We give access to an automotive affine target group via our Circuit Booking platform

Data points for our partners

We offer several data points about track days during our customer journey than can be used to trigger customized advertising campaigns to promote specific products or services. Exemplarily, the following data points can be used as references to plan a campaign.

  • Circuit location
  • Event date
  • Circuit country
  • Vehicle make and model
Data points for our partners

Use Cases Targeted Advertising

Partnership opportunities for track days
Tire Sales

Natually the tires of a track day customer are gone after they drove on a circuit for a day or two so customers need to buy new ones. We can match the tire models again our vehicle database to automatically offer the best tire model for the customers' vehicle. The determined tire options can be recommended as an additional service during the customer's booking journey.


Track day accident and health insurances are often required and requested by track day customers. Subject to a customer's opt-in preferences, we can provide you with the customer's booking history (in our system) together with a unique customer ID. We enable you as an insurance company to directly calculate a track day insurance online based on this data and sell the insurance as an add-on.

Test Drives

Track days are the ideal environment to offer test drives to automotive-affine customers since they can easily drive a few laps in the safe environment of a race track. It's nowhere easier than at a track day to get access to motorists and riders that drive one of your competitors' make. We can configure a test drive promotion campaign for a specific model against competitive models listed in our database that consist of 66k+ different vehicles.

Aftersales parts

The track day customers of Circuit Booking are naturally very affine to enhance the performance of their vehicles, i.e. by adding bodywork parts, exhaust system, performance dampers, springs or breaks. We can match the compatibility of your performance parts against our database of 66k+ different vehicle models in our database and show your most suitable parts during the customer journey.

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