How we work and what makes us different from others

We let our circuit industry know-how, facts and figures talk - and not only fancy but expensive Powerpoint slides
Engaging and passionate

10 years ago, we came to stay and thus care more about our clients' satisfaction rather than others that come and go. That's why we break late.

Sustainable Business

"Sustainable" has two meanings for us: We aim to create an economically and ecologically sustainable business for you.

Data-driven mindset

We love data insights and want to disrupt the circuit industry by infusing common e-commerce technlogies and methods.

True Entrepreneurship

As a team of entrepreneurs and business owners, we know how important it is to work with solid business case rather than in a house of cards.

Business Case Writing & Analysis

Identifying business potentials and savings

No matter, if you plan a new circuit or want to improve your existing circuit operations: Our business-oriented, well-experienced team of motorsport and consultant entrepreneurs that have all founded their own bsinesses decades ago, will develop the best fitting business case for your circuit operation.

  • Analysis Revenue Streams
  • Analysis Operating Model
  • Analysis Cost Structure
  • Creation Growth Strategy
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Business Case Writing & Analysis

Data-Driven Growth

Make the most out of your customer data

Customer data and insights are the gold of the 21st century and common e-commerce platforms like Amazon know how to make the best out of it. We apply common e-commerce metrics to your circuit business to improve your customer-centric sales.

  • Customer Analysis
  • Next-best offer
  • Up- and Cross Sale
  • Yield Management
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Data-Driven Growth