We unify event organizers and customers on a central booking platform and generate mutual benefits

Event organizers can easily offer their events on our platform and receive the payment immediately after a customer´s booking

Organizer signs up and enters general information on circuit-booking.com

Event Creation

Organizer creates events and defines the max. number of tickets that can be booked by our customers.

Search & Book

Customers choose suitable trackday event as a registered user or book “as a guest”


Customer selects the preferred payment solution and pays through us


Customer receives confirmation by e-mail with all relevant event information

Payment transfer

Organizers receive confirmation and immediately payout of their fees into their bank account

Benefits for our Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate partner, you can monetize the reach of your website. You financially participate from any gross turn-over generated through track day and driving experience bookings that were triggered via your website.

  • Benefits affiliate partner:
  • Monetarization of your website's reach
  • Customizable look & feel to your website's design
  • Easy integration via script tag. No coding required.
  • Benefits track day organizers:
  • Additional point-of-sales for on-track events
  • Track days bookable at corresponding circuit
  • Automatic update of their offers on racetrack’s website

Our Affiliate Partners

The on-track events of Circuit Booking can directly be booked via the following affiliate channels

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