You do not need to re-invent the wheel

We combine our deep understanding of booking processes and workflows of the circuit and track day business with existing third-party software

Core Advantages

As a user of our circuit management software, you will most benefit from the fact that we are a user of our own software. We are intrinsically motivated to make our software work and to provide best IT services for you.

Configurable Business Logic

You can configure most elements of your business logic on your own. We thus keep the budget spendings for change requests as low as possible.

Integration third-party software

We can integrate with state-of-the art software like STRIPE, DocuSign, Mailchimp, Pipedrive CRM, Zendesk and other tools due to our API-first approach.

REST API Interfaces

We provide a REST API that enables you to connect your existing software, website or app with our circuit management software.

Features booking management software

Booking Management

Management of customer bookings in list or calendar views

Product Management

Administration of product offers, prices and customer information

Standardized Workflows

Standardized online booking processes for customers and participants

Documents Creation

Automatic creation of booking offers, contracts and invoices

Data-Analytics Dashboards

KPI-driven data-analytics and customer insights dashboards

White-Label Design

Adjustable look & feel of our software to your corporate identity

How we work

Pragmatic and innovative adaption of e-commerce technologies for the circuit industry
Agile Development

We are used to working from basic user stories, not fully detailed software-specification within a given budget. Simply tell us your objectives and we will specify the features with and for you.

Scalable tech-stack

You benefit from software that is used by many customers - including ourselves. We provide you with flexible configurable software to minimize the number of feature request for you.

Working on eye-level

We are not just a software company but also a track rental client since 10+ years. We thus understand most business process of a circuit and are speaking your language.

Challenge status quo

Our clients often start a project trying to 1:1 copying their current workflows. But digitizing a business often means, challenging operational structures parallel with the introduction of software.

Why us

And not a standard software company or a hand-full of freelancers
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Circuit DNA

We are a global track rental broker since 10+ years who has experienced all kind of customer services during this time. This experience is a key element in the development of our software that shall simplify recurring tasks at circuits while significantly improving the customer service. We care about you!

Specialized Software

We only develope software to be used in the circuit and track day business and pro-actively market it in our industry segment. We consider our software a real product not a one-off project that someone develops before turning to the next software project like a web-shop for t-shirts or ERP software for hospitals.

Market understanding

We know what makes the racetrack market tick and don't promise the blue of the sky. Our aim is always to provide customer-centric software products that work best for you rather than trying to sell the next feature or change request to you.