"I want to be one and a half seconds 

ahead of the closest competition"

Sebastian Herke

Founder & Managing Director of Circuit Business


10 years ago, we started with the aim to digitize the circuit industry - at a time when "Disruption" was not a frequently used term. Our mission is not over yet and you are invited to join us.

How we work


Digitalization should not be a threat and more than Word & Excel. It simplifies and improves your organisation's repetitive day-to-day work and lets your team focus on customer service and sales.

Our software


Many industries know how to make the most out of their data. Others base their business model on data only. We believe, time has come for the circuit industry to do the same.

Up- and cross sale


Customers are used to business models with a state-of-the-art customer journey - something, the circuit industry often does not provide. We want to change this.

Customer analytics

We deliver better business performance for circuits

Industry Expertise

We combine 100+ years of industry know-how. We know circuits. From masterplans to commercial operations.

Integrity in any phase

We combine true entrepreneurship with our committment to deliver successful projects for our clients.

Data-driven tech mindset

We aim to digitize operations, sales and service in every corner, in each lap.

Positive impact

We help developing a sustainable future for all players in the circuit industry.