Circuit-specific business consulting and analysis

We don't work with motorsport rookies

We can provide you with a consulting team that combines a deep understanding of the circuit market with typical business analytics skills. You can expect state-of-the-art consultancy services as known from typical business consultancies. 

But contrary to typical consultancies, you only talk with a circuit-experienced team and no motorsport rookies. You will not have to explain your business from scratch to consultants that have no experience and network about the circuit's industry. You will not see one of our consultants taking a blue print they previously used on non-motorsport projects and trying to fit your business into these pre-defined schemes. 

This is not us and we are the first ones who disagree to this approach for the circuit's industry.

Business Case Writing for planned circuits

We do not crunch numbers until they finally "work"

We help you to transform the idea of building a new circuit into a valid business case. We write them with the same care as we wrote our business cases for our investors. But contrary to others, we do not promise the blue out of the sky: If none of our models comes to the conclusion that your circuit idea works, we will tell you! - We don't crunch the numbers until they "work" - knowing, that you will end up losing your investment.

Revenue Streams

We develop product & prcing strategies based on our long-lasting, data-driven market understanding and transparency.

Cost structure

How do CAPEX and OPEX influence your business case? We identify strategies to optimize both - in particular during your growth phase.

Operating model

Make or outsource? We help you to find the best operating strategy combined with a high level of digitalization to optimize required headcounts.

Growth strategy

Realistic prediction of a circuit's utilization based on our global circuit database. We benchmark against market data, not hopes or feelings.

Our specialized booking and management software enables a highly digitized day-to-day operations of your circuit to enhance your customer service and reduce manual, repetitive work of your staff.

Business Case Analysis for existing circuits

Identifying business potentials and savings

You want to improve the commercial performance of your circuit's operations? Or you consider changing the operating model of the circuit, you own? We are providing a wide range of data-driven analysis which are backed by the data we collected as a circuit specialist over the last 10 years.

  • Revenue analysis
  • Product portfolio reviews
  • Customer analysis
  • Digitalization potential
  • Cost analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Workforce analysis
  • Workflow automatisation
Business Case Analysis for existing circuits