CO2 compensation of track days

Feb 15

CO2 compensation of track days

We are making the most beautiful hobby in the world for many motorsport enthusiasts even more sustainable by offering voluntary CO2 compensation on our Trackday Marketplace.

Racing and training tracks such as the Nürburgring are often embedded in fascinating natural landscapes. And that is precisely what makes these tracks so appealing. We see it as part of our responsibility. to actively contribute to climate protection and the preservation of our environment. As long as most of the vehicles used at trackdays are powerful internal combustion engines, CO2 emissions can and should be compensated through appropriate programs. And this is exactly the service we are now offering our trackday marketplace end customers - simple, voluntary and directly integrated into the booking process.

For the compensation, the expected CO2 emissions within the planned event are already determined for the respective end customer during the online booking process. Depending on the vehicle type and model, type of fuel, duration of the event, expected distance to be driven and other parameters, the booking software calculates the amount that would have to be raised to compensate for these nitrogen oxides via so-called offset projects, such as reforestation plants, wind farms or photovoltaic parks. If the Trackday Marketplace customer agrees to the compensation, the additional amount to be paid by him then flows directly into the realization or operation of these projects. 

For a two-day track day with a high-performance road-legal gasoline engine, the average compensation fee is between 5 - 20€. Find out more....