Fair withdrawal from the race track rental contract

Dec 14

Fair withdrawal from the race track rental contract

Circuit Booking publishes whitepaper

As an event organizer, how do you cancel your race track booking if it is no longer possible to hold the planned event due to Corona? Which clauses should be included in the rental contract? And which compensation arrangements are fair for both sides? In a new whitepaper, HTA Circuit Booking GmbH, Speer Racing GmbH Sportveranstaltungen and Bongartz Els & Kollegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH analyze the previously common cancellation and rescission regulations when renting a racetrack and give clear recommendations for action with regard to the drafting of appropriate contractual clauses.

"Cancellation of motor sport events can have many reasons on both sides. For example, track days, training sessions or vehicle tests on the race track can be cancelled by the track operator in favour of more lucrative major events. On the other hand, official regulations imposed by Corona can force event organisers to either cancel or significantly reduce their event - for example, if participants are banned from entering the country. Here there is increasing uncertainty on both sides. With our whitepaper, we provide a clear orientation for fairness in the current situation," says Sebastian Herke, Managing Director of HTA Circuit Booking GmbH.

The team of lawyers and race track professionals focuses on the four core challenges: For example, it is explained in a legally secure and comprehensible manner whether and under what circumstances Corona conditions can still be considered "force majeure" in the sense of the rental agreement. The white paper also explains the rights of withdrawal due to special situations on the customer side caused by Corona, as well as the withdrawal rights from the contract without compensation for race track operators. In the final section of the white paper, the experts then take a look at fair payment dates for racetrack rental and the associated risks.

 The whitepaper is available for free download (PDF, 150 KB).