Launch Digital Trackday Marketplace

Nov 09

Launch Digital Trackday Marketplace

Circuit Booking expands its portfolio with a digital booking platform for track days and driving experiences and is now opening up the service to private customers who like to take their vehicles to the race track: In the future, potential participants of track days or driving experiences will find a wide range of offers under the heading "Trackday Marketplace" and can book them quickly and easily.

"We have long been surprised that excellently functioning online marketplaces such as those for travel bookings, insurance rates or the sale of products of all kinds have so far hardly been adapted to driving experiences for the motor sports enthusiast clientele," says Sebastian Herke, founder and Managing Director of Circuit Booking and initiator of the Trackday Marketplace. "The demand is especially high here. The business processes in the track day business are usually not very digital, they are slow and labor-intensive, and the sales potential of the respective customer is not fully utilized. Aggregated and fully digitalized marketplaces with a multitude of offers do not exist so far".

This is exactly what the Trackday Marketplace aims to change. This is where a wide variety of providers and potential customers come together, and where all solutions related to the track day and driving experiences business will be digitized and standardized in the future. By making it easy to book the offers and accompanying all marketplace participants throughout the entire process, the Trackday Marketplace will expand the customer base and consistently expand the value chain, for example by offering additional services or by targeting new customers. To increase the reach, the offers can also be integrated into the online pages of partners. The Trackday Marketplace thus becomes a powerful affiliate marketing instrument. The platform simultaneously serves as a sales, CRM and service tool. 

Since the Circuit Booking team does not organize its own events and does not plan to do so in the future, there is no competition with the respective track day organizers.

Offers become transparent and comparable

Good accessibility, easy booking and consistent digitization are decisive competitive advantages for broadcasters but are often not part of their core competence. "Organizers themselves usually lack the technologies and capacities to generate these technologies themselves and use them to create maximum value. Creating these capacities in-house would often not be economically viable. With our digital services, we ensure more customers, better capacity utilization and a lean personnel and cost structure. A welcome side effect: Trackday organizers can concentrate better on their core business. Another advantage: Thanks to the data we have acquired, organizers will be able to offer their customers even more individual and therefore more relevant services in the future. A win-win situation for both sides," Herke continues.

The added value for potential track day participants is obvious: "A large number of events and providers on the Trackday Marketplace will make the offers easier for customers to search through, more transparent and more comparable. The booking is done with just a few clicks. Payment processes and billing are transparent and secure - even using credit cards, ApplePay or GooglePay, for example. Customers can optimally plan their entire track day/driving season via the Trackday Marketplace and have only one contact person during the booking process. Our Trackday Marketplace becomes a one-stop shopping solution, as it has been standard in other areas for years," adds Carsten Tilke in conclusion.

Further information about our Trackday Marketplace can be found in our FAQ.